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Scenic Route

25 USD

3 page relief printed book
Heavy cotton stock
Hand bound
Edition of 20

Scenic Rout is a series of landscapes & observations printed from woodblocks, which were hand cut using a router.

A router is a power tool that a worker uses to rout (hollow out) an area of wood or plastic. When used as a drawing tool,
the router creates a bold, solid-weight line.

Scenic Rout is an exercise in the simplification of form through the limitations of its line.

Created during Nextfab’s Artist in
Residence program in Philadelphia, PA
Printed at BYO PRINT
April 2018

Nate Harris is a graphic artist with a focus on bold, colorful & often character driven work. He currently works out of Space 1026 in Philadelphia where he divides his time between design, illustration, printmaking and woodworking. He is available for freelance, collaborations, residencies, or installations.